7 Negative Emotions That Can Ruin Your Life

Published: 14th November 2011
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There are seven destructive emotions. If they are so destructive why would you want to read about it. That is because you have to know them first and how they affect your life, so you can eliminate them. These emotions are: Fear, Jealousy, Revenge, Greed, Superstition, and Anger.

Before you read further, take a minute and rate your attitude with respect to each one of these emotions from 1-10. Include a brief description.

1. Fear

Fear is a very powerful negative state of mind. The two causes of fear are doubt and worry. It`s interesting how fast the fear can grow in your mind. It causes anxiety. People with anxiety usually have to see a therapist to prescribe them medication. The only way to get rid of fear is facing it. Say to your self: "I will not let fear dominate my life." Repeat this sentence over and over again. Your attitude is also an important factor. You see, attitude is composite of thoughts, feelings and actions. If you have a positive attitude, you will overcome any type of fear.

2. Jealousy

Jealousy has ruined more relationships, professions and opportunities than anything else. Psychology experts refer jealousy as being afraid of losing something, that you don`t have. Jealous people are not happy. We all get jealous sometimes. We eliminate this emotion by analyzing the cause of the problem. Ask yourself why are you jealous. I bet you wont find a good answer. You will see how silly it is. Replace this with order and love.

3. Hatred

The cause of hatred is ignorance. This is one of the most destructive emotions a person can get involved in. How many times you start a sentence with the words I hate? How many times you hear others use those words? When your concussions receives the emotion of hatred you see something terrible happening to someone else. When you are putting that negative vibration out, in reality something bad actually happens to you. What you put out, you get back. Basic law of attraction rule. Every time you want to say I hate, stop and start saying I love. Repeat this over and over again so you will transform your thinking from negative to positive. Love a little more, hate a little less.

4. Revenge

There is a beautiful law of non-resistance. It`s about letting go. I think, we as human beings need to learn this law, because revenge is such a ridiculous idea. Don`t get even with anyone. If there are send bad things to you, don`t try to get even with them. Just duck and let it go. Don`t play the same game as the people who want bad for you. If you do, it will hurt you. When somebody does something bad, hold an image of them enjoying the highest good. This may sound weird to you, but trust me, it is the best thing you can do.

5. Greed

The cause of greed is insecurity and lack of understanding who we are. Greedy people are insecure, that is why they try to hold everything for themselves. They are scared they will lose everything. You will never get abundance in your life, if you are greedy. Natural law of circulation is when you get something, send it right back. Don`t try to hold everything for yourself. You will end up losing everything. Share with people, you will be happier.

6. Superstition

You probably inherited this emotion from your parents and grandparents. We got to get rid of all these silly thoughts of superstition like, don`t let the black cat walk in front of you, or don`t walk under a ladder and so on. If you have got these thoughts, you have got them in number of areas of your life. Superstition is controlling you. Every time a superstitious thought appears, say: "I am in control of me, no more am I gonna be superstitious." You will get rid of it.

7. Anger

Anger is something that we generally suppress, until it builds up and we explode. Not literally. If we suppress anger, it will turn into depression. Here is a little exercise. If you do feel angry, write it, and burn it. Don`t suppress it. Always try to have a calm mind. Don`t let outside things or other people cause you to get angry. This is real self control. Don`t let other people control you. You have to control yourself.

Negative emotions do a lot of damage. They cause the body to break down. They cause diseases and they send people away. It`s just not good for you. You may be asking: "Andrej, why are you spending your time writing about negative emotions?" Because, the first step is we have to become aware of them in order to eliminate them. We have to analyze the solutions. By focusing, we eliminate them one at the time. Never let them come back.

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